Carlink-3G is our newest model. It replaces the original Omega-Carlink and the Omega-CarLink-GPS. It also means faster data using our nationwide 3G network and that it's virtually future proof. Did you know that most smartphone control systems that are available today are 2G and will be without service within 2 years? Protect your investment and family for the foreseeable future.

Control capabilities

    ~ Ever left your car wondering if you locked the doors?
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.
  ~ Ever lost your keys or lock them in your car?
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.
    ~ Access your trunk/hatch with just a tap of the screen.
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.
    ~ START AND STOP your engine from virtually anywhere!
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.
    ~ An optional remote start system is required for this feature.
    ~ LOCATE your vehicle at any time, anywhere!
    ~ Geofence alerts by email or text message.
    ~ Security fence anti-theft alerts.
    ~ Location history page shows all location requests and alert history.
    ~ Extra outputs available for features like sliding doors or power window roll 
        up / roll down. Please check with your installing dealer for more details.
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful. 


    ~ Be notified when your alarm triggers (requires optional alarm system). 


    ~ Just add vehicles equipped with Omega-CarLink to your app.
    ~ Customize the names of your vehicles.
    ~ Supports a virtually unlimited number of vehicles!
    ~ Simply toggle between vehicles within the app.


- Upon adding the CarLink system to your account via your web account or the smartphone app,
   your device will immediately work for a trial period of 3 days. You can then choose one of two service plans
- UNLIMITED "tracking & control" service with all GPS features costs only $99.99 (USD) per year.
- UNLIMITED "control only" service costs only $49.99 (USD) per year.