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> OMEGA-CARLINK-GPS Android users guide  (PDF - 1,333.98 KB)
> OMEGA-CARLINK-GPS BlackBerry users guide  (PDF - 949.99 KB)
> OMEGA-CARLINK-GPS install guide  (PDF - 396.05 KB)
> OMEGA-CARLINK-GPS iPhone users guide  (PDF - 1,308.45 KB)
> OMEGA-CARLINK-GPS Quick Ref Guide  (PDF - 405.52 KB)
> OMEGA-CARLINK-GPS web users guide  (PDF - 2,869.36 KB)
> OMEGACARLINK dealer portal guide  (PDF - 782.74 KB)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Omega CarLink system include service?
Upon adding a CarLink system to your account (via the phone app or your web account), it will operate for a trial period of 3 days. At any point during the 3 days, you can access your web account and enter your billing information. You can also choose for the service to auto-renew at this point. Service plans are annual terms and payment can only be made by credit or debit card.

What version operating system is required on my phone ?

All BlackBerry handsets running 5.0 and higher. For details on updating your Blackberry device please go to All Android handsets running 2.1 and newer. All iPhone handsets 4.0 and higher.

How do I find my BlackBerry operating system version?
1.Go to phone home screen
2.Locate and select the "Settings" icon
3.Select the "Options" icon from the menu
4.At the top of the menu list, select "About"

Can I get all the features of the CarLink app just by downloading and installing on my phone?
No, you must have the Omega CarLink system and any compatible Excalibur or Crime Guard system equipped with an iDatalink compatible data port for full functionality. Or, Omega CarLink can be installed as a stand alone system but will only offer 3 control functions for your vehicle. Contact your installing dealer to learn more.

Does the service plan give me unlimited use?
Yes, the service plan gives the end user consumer unlimited day-to-day usage of the CarLink system in the United States. However, the Service Provider does monitor CarLink usage. In the event they find a user with “abnormally high data usage” they will send a notice to opt to a higher data plan.

How do I activate my CarLink system?
Your CarLink system is activated and ready to go after your dealer installs the hardware and fully tests the system using the online dealer tools. Your dealer will provide you with three things:
•Link to download the software to your mobile phone.
•SIM card holder
•4 digit pass code.
After you download the software your first step is to create an account using your e-mail address and a password you select. After creating your account you will add your vehicle to your account using the number from the SIM card holder and the 4 digit pass code. You are now ready to use CarLink system.

Can I control my vehicle from more than one Smart Phone?

Yes. Simply download the CarLink app and enter your established user name and password.

Can I use CarLink with more than one vehicle?
Yes. CarLink can operate multiple vehicles from one application and as long as it is installed into each of the vehicles.

Is CarLink available outside the U.S.?
No. At this time it is only available in the United States (including Puerto Rico).

Can I install CarLink myself?
While anything is possible, we strongly recommend professional installation. This will also ensure that you do not void your CarLink product warranty or security or remote start system’s warranty.

What is a remote start?
A remote start system is a device that can start the vehicle from a distance to warm up or cool down the interior.

Is my car secure after I remote start it?
Yes, the vehicle needs the ignition key to operate and to drive. The vehicle would shutdown once someone put their foot on the brake without using the ignition key. Also, remote start will only run for a preset amount of time and will turn off after that time period expires.

Can I use CarLink if I do not have an iPhone?
Yes. CarLink is compatible with BlackBerry and Android too. CarLink can also be accessed without the Smart Phone app. Simply log on to - from any web browser and click on "User Login" to login to your account.

I did not receive an activation text. What happened?

The dealer may not have registered your CarLink system. Please confirm with your installing dealer that the registration process was completed.

How do I change the name of my vehicle?
From the main screen of the app click on Settings (gear icon on iphone)> Car Settings > Edit Vehicle Name.

Why am I not receiving any alert notifications?

Be sure that the recipient(s) you want to receive alerts are selected and that you have activated this feature. Select Menu from the main screen > Settings > Select Alert Recipients.

I registered multiple vehicles on my account but how do I access them from my phone?

Simply go to your menu>Select Car> then select the vehicle you want to control.

What if I forgot my password?
From the login screen select Menu to pull up the login screen menu> Lost Password > Enter the login email address you used to create your account > Touch the Send button and you will be sent an e-mail with a link to reset your password.

Do I always remain logged into my account even if the app is closed and I am not using my app?
Yes. Unless you actually logout the CarLink app will stay active. If you plan on giving someone access to your phone, but do not wish them to have access to your vehicle, it is a good idea to logout of the Carlink app.

Can I turn the system’s response sounds on or off on my Smart Phone?
Yes. The feature allows you to toggle the response sounds on or off. Select Menu from the Main Screen > Touch the settings button > Touch the Enable Sounds check box to toggle ON or OFF.

Can I turn the system’s Vibrate function on or off on my Smart Phone?

Yes. The feature allows you to toggle the Vibrations on or off. Select Menu from the Main Screen > Touch the settings button > Touch the Enable Vibration check box to toggle ON or OFF.

What is the feature “Haptics”?
This feature allows you to receive feedback when you touch screen buttons on the main vehicle control screen by receiving a slight vibration. This feature can also be enable or disabled by following this procedure. Select Menu from the Main Screen > Touch the settings button > Touch the Enable Haptics check box to toggle ON or OFF.

What do the “AUX1” and “AUX2” icons on the main menu do?
Auxiliary outputs can control features like sliding doors or power window roll up / roll down. Please check with your installing dealer for more details.

If I have multiple vehicles on my account will I receive notifications from any vehicle whether it is selected or not?

Yes. You will be notified if any zones have been triggered for all vehicles on your account provided you have toggled Alerts on for each vehicle independently on the Vehicle Settings screen.

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